Ways you can help your older loved one

Ways you can help your older loved one

We wanted to give you some useful ways in which you can help your older loved one.


It is only natural that you will want to do what you can to help.  And while it goes without saying that home care would certainly provide your loved one with a lot of help, you might be left not knowing quite what you can do to help further.  These ideas below will help!


– Visit your loved one frequently.  You don’t necessarily have to visit every single day, which often isn’t essential or practical either.  But simply stopping by to say hello can make a big difference and show your loved one that you care.


– Get involved.  If you can, accompany your loved one to things like doctor appointments.  Or go with them to places they like to frequent, like maybe the library.  If they are prescribed any medication or treatment, take note of what this involves and when any medication is to be taken.

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– Help your older loved one to stay physically active and mentally stimulated.  Take an interest in who their friends are and accompany them to social meetups.  Or look into local organised social events, like coffee mornings.  A great idea is to take your loved one to the park for some fresh air.  Also, maybe look into local group exercise sessions for seniors, where they can socialise and keep fit.


Give them a call!

– Pick up the phone and call.  It sounds almost too simple, but you would be surprised what a difference a chat over the phone can make to your loved one.  This is especially important if you are unable to visit them too often.


These tips aren’t anything ground breaking, and they really are very easy to do.  However, despite their simplicity, you might be surprised at what a difference they can make to your loved one.


At Kells Domiciliary, we have over 30 years’ experience of providing a high quality level of loving care, and we take pride in our high standards.  If you would like to chat about how we can tailor our home care services to help you, please get in touch!

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