Arranging for a “Needs Assessment” to get Home Care

Arranging for a “Needs Assessment” to get Home Care

Arranging for a “Needs Assessment” to get Home Care

In order to organise home care, you will first need to have a “Needs Assessment”.

At Kells, we can provide a Needs Assessment for you, free of charge.

Otherwise, a Needs Assessment can be provided free of charge by your local authority.  It can either be arranged through your GP or through adult social care services.

It is very easy to obtain – all you have to do is ask us for one!

Kells, or your local authority, will then be better able to advise you of options available. And we can suggest a course of action, i.e. a “Care Plan”.  Also, we can inform you of any benefits you may be eligible for.  This can include Attendance Allowance.

Needs Assessment

During a Needs Assessment, you will simply discuss any difficulties you face in carrying out everyday activities.  Examples might include, eating, dressing, cooking, cleaning, or going to the toilet.

Once you have had a Needs Assessment, Kells will make any care proposals by comparing your needs against set criteria.


Qualifying for care

You will qualify for care if:

  • You have a physical / mental need, or they are suffering from an illness or disability.
  • You are unable to achieve at least two of the set “care outcomes” (e.g. wash and dress themselves).
  • You are at risk of a negative impact on their wellbeing, due to not receiving the help they require.


Kells, or your local authority, can then arrange home care for you.  Otherwise, you can arrange home care yourself and, if you are eligible for funding, the local authority can make direct payment.


At Kells Domiciliary, we have over 30 years experience of providing a high quality level of loving care, and we take pride in our high standards.  If you would like more information, please get in touch!


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